Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tiling the guest bathroom floor

This week, Aaron tiled the guest bathroom floor, which is great because now we have a functional bathroom to use at Harvard!  :)  So you can come over & stay for a while!!  Here are some pictures from the flooring adventure:  
This was what the bathroom looked like before:
gross linoleum floors & silver walls
So after Eliza & I painted the walls white... 
Aaron got to work removing that linoleum.
And then he had a layer of plywood to remove... 
...because the subfloor was rotting through in places.
So he took out the rotting sections ...
And replaced it with plywood.
I like him.   :)
Then he got to work cutting tiles...
And cemented the tiles down to the floor.
Then they needed to be grouted.
And cleaned off. 
Voila!  Not completely finished but at least it's functional!  And much more pretty.  :)
I think he did a great job!  Now that he has practice, he can start on the master bath soon... :)


  1. Did he just use a regular table saw, or did you guys rent a wetsaw? I'm never sure what you're supposed to use for cutting tile.

  2. It was a wetsaw (you can see it in one of the pictures). The guy we're working with has all of the big tools. :)