Tuesday, January 31, 2012

When the Hubby's Away...

Aaron was on the Westover Men's Retreat this weekend, so I was all alone.  Which I do not love.  I can handle a few hours of alone time, but then I get really antsy and wish he was home again.  And my plan for the weekend was just to catch up on my sleeeeep.  Which did not happen.  It ended up being a very busy, but fun, weekend!  :)
On Friday, I went to dinner at my parents' house
(I realized eating alone is my least favorite part
of Aaron being gone!) and then made them go
to Lowes with me because I got in a DIY mood.
Then the next day, after cleaning the house & running errands,
I went to lunch & bowling with mom, Josh, and Aaron Lee.  :)
Josh is a pro.
Mom & Josh.
Then back to my DIY project.
And then I went to dinner downtown with Jessica!
If you've never tried Opa, do.  It's delicious.
And lastly, a movie in bed!  :)  I love sleepovers!
So that's what I do when I have no hubby.  It was a fun weekend, but it made me thankful that Aaron doesn't have a job that makes him travel a lot.  :)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Beginnings of a Baby Bump

It's officially begun.  My baby bump is starting to stick out.  :)  I'm right about at 17 weeks (almost 4 months...wow!) and getting to that point where I'm not very comfortable in my clothes anymore.  It's not a big bump (yet) but I promise it's there... 
17 week bitty bump
This morning at school, a second grader walked up to me in the hallway & started rubbing my stomach.  When I asked him what he was doing, he just looked at me confused and said "Oh.  I thought there was a baby in there." and then proceeded to go to class.  Whew, I'm so thankful I'm actually pregnant.  

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Old Salem

I really like Old Salem... I think it's pretty adorable.  :)  While Isaac's girlfriend Caroline was in town over Christmas break, we all went to Old Salem for dinner at the Old Salem Tavern.  It was a lot of fun and made me wish I made the trek over to Winston more often to walk around and watch the people make candles & baskets & all that fun stuff.  And look at all the pretty old houses.  
Salem Tavern... mmm
I heart Christmas decorations!
Three of my favorite men!!
My love!  xoxo
Candlelit dinner.  How romantic.  :)
Sister sister.
My lovely parents  :)
Hey Isaac & Caroline! 
Eliza-Lou & Mama-Moo  :)
Love these houses.  Lots.
Pretty  :)
Sadly, we weren't dressed in pilgrim attire.  Stacy, you would have been so disappointed!  ;)  Ha!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Telling our Family about the BABY!

When Aaron & I found out I was pregnant, it was so hard to not tell anyone... especially our families!  So we were so excited when we realized that almost all of our immediate family members would be in Greensboro over the Thanksgiving break & we could tell them all together in person.  So Aaron & I had everyone (12 people total!) over for dinner the day after Thanksgiving to announce our news!  To tell everyone, we cooked a baby-themed meal (baby back ribs, baby carrots, etc.) and had them guess the theme.  Aaron's dad won the prize (a Baby Ruth) for guessing first.  :)  It was a lot of fun and we were so thankful everyone was able to come!  We really wished Aaron and Stacy could have been here too (!!), but we were able to tell them on skype a few days later.  
Almost everyone!!  :)
Somehow we squeezed 12 people
into our dining room...   :)
Menu:  Baby back ribs

Peanuts (because we've been calling the baby "Peanut")
Grapes (because I was 8 weeks pregnant
and the baby was the size of a grape)
Baby spinach salad
Bread (we have a bun in the oven!)
And baby carrots  :)
Riddle / O'Hare clan
Eliza & my mom! 
Little Riddle is going to have so many fun aunts & uncles & grandparents to play with!  :) 

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Chapel Thrill!

On Friday, John & Laurie Knox gave Aaron tickets to the Carolina vs. Boston College basketball game so we got to head to Chapel Hill on Saturday for the game!  The weather was beautiful (high 60's in January, I love this!) so it was a perfect day to walk around campus before the game.  I always get nostalgic when I am on campus and it makes me miss my college days.  It was such a perfect day to be back in Chapel Hill.  :)
Lunch at Southern Rail!
Lunch inside one of the train cars
View of the train tracks
View from the back door of the cable car
Southern Rail
Beautiful Old Well.  :)

I love Carolina's campus  
We parked at Eliza's house...gracias!
And Carolina won... Go Heels!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year!!!

I can't believe it's already 2012!  2011 was such a good year, with many changes in the Riddle household.  Aaron & I both started new jobs, we both got new cars, we bought & renovated a house, and we found out we are having a baby.  Whew... lots to be thankful for in 2011!  To celebrate the start of 2012, Aaron & I went to Roger & Melissa Wilson's house for a New Year's party and it was a lot of fun.  And, amazingly, I actually stayed awake to see the ball drop!  
Agustina, Mackie, me, and Kacie  :)
Ringing in the New Year with these lovely ladies!
Intense game of foosball
Taking a breather
Look who I found?!  Ashley!!  Good memories!
Welcome 2012.  It's going to be a good year.  :)