Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Celebrations!

Christmas time makes me so happy.  I think giddy is a better word.  I love Christmas!  :)  Here are some pictures of our time with family over the holidays.  
Christmas Eve service at Westover
My hubby!
My seeester!
Then Christmas Eve dinner with Aaron's family at MJ's
Stockings with Aaron first thing Christmas morning  :)
Then Christmas morning at the Riddles!
Marla & Allie
Yummy food at the Riddles ...
... and then yummy food at the O'Hares!
Josh loves when everyone's home  :)
Aaron, Stacy, & Virginia - we missed you!

The after-math of Christmas
Isaac's stock in Green Bay... he could not be happier.
My new sign  :)
Typical Dad after the Christmas festivities
Watching the Packers game Christmas evening
Caroline came to visit!
Cousin Christmas at Grandmother & Pop's 
With Steph & Sara
I love my cousins!
All piled in 1 chair
Mom's mantle is getting a little crowded!  :)
Playing with my camera.  You're welcome Caroline.  ;)
Skyping with Aaron & Stacy!  Missed y'all!
Can't wait for next year! 

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  1. So many great pictures! Thanks for posting, keeping us in the loop.