Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Look Back at March...

So many fun happenings in March...  :)
The Spring finally came so we got to play outside a bunch!!
I LOVE getting to see the mailman every day!
And I started putting 2 words together - my first two-word phrase was "Hi mailman!"
I could stay outside all day long, especially when I'm hitting golf balls with my daddy!
We finally got to wear our shorts and short sleeve shirts!
When I go to Grandaddy Rick's house, I like to ride in the lawn mower trailer...
... or, even better, I like to help my daddy drive!
I can tell you my name ("Dadis") if you ask me.  :)
I helped Grandaddy Rick hang our window boxes.
And then I helped my mommy plant the flowers in them. I am really proud when I see them now!
Bath time is still a favorite part of my day!
See, I'm all happy & clean! 
I am much happier going to the nursery at church now!
It must be this awesome pink car that I often run for...  :)
Mommy & I like to go to story time at the library on Thursdays...
Ms. Brandon reads us stories, shows us a video & lets us make a craft!
And I get a stamp on my hand. That's probably my favorite part! 
I got to spend an evening with these crazy 8th graders who were at D-Weekend!
They give me lots of attention & I love it!
I celebrated my friend Parker's 2nd birthday!! 
I'm pretty good at playing independently - and being creative with my toys.  :)
My mommy takes me swimming sometimes to get me ready for summmmmmer!
I went bowling with Mimi & Grandaddy Rick for the first time & really liked it!
I liked it so much I had to go to Time Out a few times because I didn't want to have to
wait my turn. I went through a little bit of a hitting phase in March when I didn't get
my way so I spent more time than usual in Time Out.  No fun!
I went to Gordonsville, Virginia with my parents for a little vacation
Daddy showed me how to play Putt Putt.
And I went to the Discovery Museum
I finally decided I was brave enough to go down a slide by myself
I'm getting really good at going up & down stairs by myself.
I also went to Bounce 'N Play while we were there. 
There were lots of pretty horses that I liked to watch! 
I got to paint & made beautiful pictures! 
And on the way home, I got to see my friend Caroline (and her parents)!! 
When we got home, Uncle Josh came over for a sleepover.
I celebrated my mommy's birthday! This is her last year in her 20's! 
I think painting in the bathtub is a lot of fun! 
I love my Wednesday night dates with Grandaddy Rick & my mommy.
And sometimes I take my mommy on lunch or dinner dates.  She loves our dates! 
It's so fun to watch Davis's personality get more & more pronounced and FUN!! 

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Davis's BIG BOY Room!!!

Davis finally moved into his BIG BOY room last night!!  In order to save some of my sanity, Hudson will sleep in Davis's old nursery and we're not changing much in there, and Davis will sleep in the 3rd bedroom. We were hoping to move him into his new room at the beginning of April but things got hectic & this was the first weekend that seemed to be calm enough to give it a shot. And so far so good! He slept in there last night & for his nap today & both went well. The inspiration from Davis's new room came from a dresser & a toddler bed. We got the toddler bed a year or so ago for like $20. I felt a little ridiculous buying it so early BUT it had a drawer underneath and I'm a sucker for anything storage. And I liked the green. So that's where the green in the room came from... And then I fell in love with a blue dresser at Ikea and decided Davis's room needed it.  :)  It's a pretty big dresser so if Hudson & Davis ever share a room in the future, there should be plenty of room in it for them to share. The transportation theme in the room came about because my Aunt Lynne (one of the most generous people I know!) gave us 3 framed prints of trains that were in my cousin Jamison's room when he was a little boy (he's now in college). We loved them and they go perfectly in his room! So here are some pictures of Davis's new room... 
This was the plan for his room.
The view from his doorway.
The curtains are really a shower curtain cut in half. Thanks mom for sewing these!
Because there is a French door in this room (which I love & didn't want to take down), Aaron installed a roman shade.
The bunting says "All Aboard" and was made by my sweet friends for Hudson's shower!
The dresser & green/white stacking storage is from Ikea.
The rug & blue toy bin are from Target.
These canvases were DIY artwork I made for his room a month ago.  
This house bookshelf was pink & purple & had fairies all over it when I bought it.
It was only $25 consignment so I got some paint mixed at Home Depot to match his bed
and made it a little more boyish.  :)  The baskets were on clearance at Harris Teeter.
This Pottery Barn chair was given to Davis by my parents for Christmas this year and he loves it! 
While I was in Denver, Aaron & my dad put up crown moulding in his room!
My friend Sara gave me these navy frames about a year ago and they work
perfectly with his room! So I put some of our favorite pictures of Davis in them.
This sign was made for Davis by my friend Lauren and it was on his nursery door.  :)
The bottom storage bins are used for toys and the top are great for art supplies.
The two green boxes on top are from Hudson's baby shower from Danielle.
I made this print for Davis to match his room - it's the verse Aaron & I chose for his life verse.  :)
This train/lego table is from my parents - it was my little brother's when he was a kid.
I love it because it has fabulous storage for his legos on one side & trains on the other!
The star lights up & is from the train diaper cake Meredith made for Hudson's shower!
These are the train prints from my cousin's little boy room!
For Valentine's day, my mom gave us the crib mattress, sheets & quilt for the bed. 
Davis loves hopping up onto his new bed!
My friend Andrea let us borrow this baby gate to make sure
we don't have a visitor all hours of the night!
This is Davis's favorite part of his new room! A moon above his door - he's fascinated with the moon right now!
It lights up to show the phases of the moon & he loves going through them before bed.
This was a gift from my parents. 
My favorite part of the new room - this little fella! 
Last night was his first night sleeping in his bed, and he did great!!  Didn't get up or wake up once!
And he was a happy boy when he woke up - with great bed head!
Oh, and we're using bed rails on the sides for now until he gets that his bed is for sleeping.
Now we're just praying that sleeping continues to go smoothly in this room!!!  :)