Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Last Year in My 20's?!?!

Well, I guess I'm getting old!!  :)  My birthday was on Friday & I'm officially 29 years old.  But it was a fabulous birthday so I can't complain!!  It was a gorgeous SPRING day, Aaron had the day off so I got to spend most of the day outside with my two men, and I got to hear my sweet Hudson's heart beat first thing in the morning because I had a doctor's appointment. And that's really all I wanted. 
My birthday started out with a sleepover with my youngest brother, Josh!
I share my birthday with World Down Syndrome Day (Trisomy 21, celebrated on 3/21)
and I love that I get to celebrate Josh on my birthday, too!
Sleeping like a baby!
Breakfast buds.  :)
And Aaron brought me Starbucks!
Playing at the park!
You just can't beat a Chipotle picnic in the park!
For dinner, Aaron took me to Southern Lights. So yummy!
And I got some home improvement things done for my birthday!!
Aaron floored the closet in Davis's new bedroom (it was HORRIBLE before)!
And my Dad installed flower boxes for me!
Now I'm ready for full-time spring weather so we can play outside more!!!  :)

Monday, March 17, 2014

A Look Back at February...

February flew by. I mean, flew. But here are some pictures from our month...  :)
I practiced being a good big brother!  
Mister Colt gave me this train & it's pretty awesome to ride!!
On Wednesday mornings, I go to BSF where I get to learn about Jesus and play with my friends.
I like to play with trains... at my own train table or Barnes & Noble.
I went to the Children's Museum with my parents & had so much fun! 
I'm still a little scared to go down slides by myself.
But I love swings!! 
I love keys ("tees"). And doors to put keys in.
I usually use a cup now instead of a sippy cup.
I do a great job with it... unless I decide it'd be more fun to dump the water on my tray.  :) 
I also got to go to the Children's Museum with my friend Caroline!!  :)
I keep my parents laughing!  :)
My mommy went to Denver for a week & I played with daddy! 
While she was gone it snowed a LOT!
And Daddy was my date for Valentine's.  We had a romantic candlelit dinner.  :)
While Mommy was gone, I helped Daddy get stuff done in my Big Boy Room!!
I'm a great helper, especially when it involves tools! 
I love to play Hide & Go Seek.
Some of my favorite places to hide are closets, behind doors, and behind chairs.
On the days when it wasn't snowing but was in the 60's, Mommy & I played outside & drank smoothies! 
We went to visit Daddy at work a lot.
I love to play with the balls in the middle school room!
I like to read my books.
My family cheered for Carolina basketball. I'm a Tar Heel born & bred!  :)
One day I'm going to be the next Michael Jordan!
Mommy & I started going swimming to get ready for the SUMMER!
And I turned 20 months old!
Annnnnd, now March is flying by!  How do I make time slow down?! 

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Another Little Mister!!

The Riddle household is getting really excited about another sweet boy joining us!  Before we found out the gender, we didn't really care if it was a boy or girl... but now that we know that it's another boy, I'm getting really excited about a playmate and best friend for Davis! And we've decided on a name... 
We chose this name because it was a name Aaron & I both really like.  Neither name is really a family name this time. Hudson we decided on before we found out the gender, but it took us a little longer to decide on a middle name. Here are some pictures from Hudson's pregnancy...
We found out we were pregnant on September 20, 2013.  :)  All smiles!
And we told our families when we were about 8 weeks along...
To tell our parents, we made them a photo book from Davis's first year-ish...
And at the very end, we put the pictures we had taken to announce the pregnancy.
They were all excited! 
Then on January 3rd, we went for the ultrasound to find out the gender!! 
Another precious boy!!
This is a picture of his hands - he's praying, obviously.  :)
Our handsome Hudson. 
Then on January 4th, we did a Krispy Kreme gender reveal to tell our families the good news!
Some quick facts...
I'm 29 weeks today so I'm in my 3rd trimester.
Due date - May 31, 2014 (A month before Davis's 2nd birthday)
Closest thing to a pregnancy craving = Juice Shop (guava gulps!)
The pregnancy has been super easy & very similar to Davis's. 
No sickness, praise the Lord, and I've had more energy than with Davis. 
We can't WAIT for Mister Hudson to come join our family!!