Thursday, October 31, 2013

Davis the Dinosaur - and Friends!

Happy Halloween!!  Here are some pictures from our 2013 Halloween festivities.  :)
My favorites!!
Outdoorsy kind of day.
Mama's sweetheart!
Sweet little dinosaur!
Disclaimer: Yes, I wear this shirt every Halloween. Only orange I own.
His costume was similar last year (dragon) but the dino was the only $5 costume at Old Navy.
Yeah, I went with the cheap costume.  :)  And he's still stinkin' cute!
Then we went to Westover's Pumpkin Bash to see Daddy!
Playing in the little kids room  :)
Some of Davis's friends!
Heyyyyy Dillon!  
Davis the Dinosaur & his biggest fans!
Davis & his older lady friends!
Stealing candy for Mommy  :)  I've trained him well.
Trick-or-treating at Grandaddy Rick & Mimi's on the way home.
Sweet dreams little dinosaur!

Friday, October 18, 2013

J. Razz & Tazz Farm - Pumpkin Patch

Two weekends ago, we went to J. Razz & Tazz Farm to get into the fall mood - we just had to try to ignore the fact that it was in the 80's that day!  We went last year when Davis was 3 and a half months old and wanted to go back this year.  It's a really fun family outing - they have hayrides, corn mazes, cow train rides, silos filled with corn kernels, tunnels through huge hay stacks, John Deere tricycles, tractors to climb on, a playground & pumpkins you can buy.  This year, we were able to go with two other families & it was a lot of fun to watch the kiddos explore!
Train hayride with the Robinsons & the Jordans!
In one of the corn kernel silos!
So much fun to play in all that corn!!
Diggin' in!
My boys!
Resting in the shade!
Davis wasn't too sure about going through that tunnel, but he liked looking through it. 
Riding on the cow train with daddy!
Ellie & Jon riding in Moo Linda  :)
Mooo... or Choo Choo?
The sweet Robinson family
I love my family so much!
Happy Fall!  :)
Family photo last year at the farm... Davis was so teeny!!
Even though it didn't feel like fall weather, it was a beautiful day to be outside!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Look Back at September...

September was a wonderful month - full of fun times with family & friends!! 
Here's a recap of our month: 
I am full of laughs & am a really happy boy!
I play with my friends, doing fun things like splashing water out of the water table. 
I dropped my morning nap so now I take 1 nap a day, around 1pm.
My naps are getting longer in the afternoon
and right now they're usually an hour & a half or two hours. 
I went to my first Carolina football game
I went to the Greensboro Children's Museum which was so fun! 
I went to the park & rode the train... 
...and the carousel.  
The biggest change this month was that I am completely independent with my walking!
I usually have my hands up when I walk & it's so cute!
I took my first steps at 12 months & was completely independent walking at 14 months. 
The hardest part for me learning to walk independently was learning to stand up on my own.
But I finally got it & I'm all over the place now!  I LOVE WALKING!
I got to celebrate my friend Mason's 2nd birthday!
He had an awesome birthday party on a farm!
I also got to celebrate Ivey's 2nd birthday... so many fun games to play!!
I went horse back riding for the first time & really enjoyed it.  :)
I LOVE animals.  So this month was fun because I saw a lot of them!
I saw cows on the farm... 
...I tried to chase Snappy at Miss Jessica's house...
...I pet the goats at the Greensboro Science Center...
...I chased the geese at the library...
...I looked at all the fish at the Sciquarium...
...and I pet & rode a horsey at James's grandparents house.  
I had to say bye to Aunt Eliza because she left for El Salvador!
We went to the Greensboro Science Center a lot, which is so much fun!
I still love to flop onto my bean bag in my room!  It makes me laugh over & over!
I'm learning how to help Daddy grill out!
I like to play peek-a-boo!
I do great at restaurants & love getting to eat with my grandparents & aunts & uncles!
I still am a great eater but have gotten a little pickier.
For the most part, I'll still eat pretty much everything I'm given!
I am only nursing 3 times a day now and still eating 3 meals. 
I think it's fun to feed you my food - especially if it's not one of my favorite foods!
Or I pretend I'm going to feed you one of my favorite foods & then put it in my own mouth!
Miss Caroline came to visit & I got to go on a lunch date with her!
Don't worry, our moms chaperoned. 
I go to story time at the library on Tuesdays.
Usually one or two of my friends are there too, which is fun!
Parker was sitting next to me in this picture.
I love to play outside.  Especially in the dirt.  With stick in hand.  
This popper is one of my favorite toys!  Thanks Nana!
"Baa" (ball) was my first word.
I love playing with balls & kicking them around the house! 
I say a few other words, like "dada", "mama", and "bye".
I love to stand at the door in the afternoon and squeal "Dada!"
"Dada" and "ball" are my most consistent words right now.   
I like to pretend to use the phone to call all my friends!
This is one of my favorite toys... I crawl through the door & push all the buttons!
I like anything I can push.  Including things like trash cans. 
I am fascinated with belly buttons! Most of all, I like to try to see yours!
"The Wheels on the Bus" is my favorite book this month... thanks Miss Emily! 
I like to make silly faces and pretend I'm mad at you.  It's pretty cute! 
My top two teeth are starting to come in.  That's 4 total (2 top, 2 bottom). 
I love to give hugs!!
We're excited for the fall!  :)