Monday, August 26, 2013

Walking in MEMPHIS!!

A couple weeks ago, Davis & I decided very last minute to go with my parents to Memphis to visit two of my younger brothers and their wives.  And when I say last minute, I mean I decided at 9:30 the night before we left. Talk about scrambling to pack. Anywho...we made it & didn't forget anything! The drive from Greensboro to Memphis is really pretty (we go through Virginia)... but VERY l-o-n-g! Thankfully, my mom rode with us and Davis did great.  He really only cried on the way back once we got ~30 minutes from home. Considering it's about an 10 hour drive (more with a baby!) each way, I'm very proud of  how he did.  We went Wednesday through Monday and it was SO SO great to get to see where Micah, Virginia, Isaac & Caroline live and to get to spend time with them!!  I wish we lived closer together because I really enjoy hanging out with them. Aaron couldn't come with us because he was going to the mountains with some guys...we were bummed the timing didn't worked out for him to come, too! 
Hellooooo Tennessee!
We got to see Katie (my sweet college roommate) when we got there!
So glad she had the day off!
And guess who else we saw in Memphis?! EMILY!
She randomly had a 2 hour layover there & texted me for Micah's phone number.  :)
This photo pretty much sums up breakfast.  Love.
We had breakfast downtown at Blue Plate Cafe.
Davis had missed you SO much Emily!!
Isaac & Caroline's home sweet home.  
They know how to make me want to come back to visit...  :)
Lots of laughs. And lots of GOOD food!
One, going on sixteen.  :)
Micah used his smoker to smoke brisket...
...and pulled pork. Oh so delicious!
YAY O'Hare/Riddle siblings!!
Josh & two of his favorite ladies!  
"Walking in Memphis..."  :)
Davis LOVES his Aunt Virginia & Aunt Caroline!
And he loved the attention!
The amazing playground at Shelby Farms!
Ike & Caroline!
This photo makes me so happy.   :)
Micah & Virginia!
We got to celebrate my mom's birthday while we were there!
B-E-A-U-tiful sisters!!
Birthday flowers & vase.
And the beautiful roses that Aaron & Stacy sent mom!  
Sad to leave.  
Can't wait to see y'all in Nashville in November, hopefully!  :)

Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Look Back at July...

July was such a fun month in the Riddle household!  Davis keeps getting more & more fun and we are enjoying him so much at this age!  Here are some of the highlights from our month...
I like to make silly faces with my daddy!
I went to the pool with friends!
And I got to go to lunch at Stamey's with my Great Grandmother!
I figured out how to steer my walker & I run all over the house now!!  I'm unstoppable.
I celebrated the 4th of July at the lake
And had to say goodbye to Uncle Aaron & Aunt Stacy because they left for the Himalayas!  :(
Some of my friends came over to play in my pool with me.
The beginning of the month was really rainy so I played inside.
I got really good at the drums!  
I learned to use the signs "more"...
...and "finished"!
My mom and dad went to Charlotte to celebrate their 5th anniversary...
and Nana came to stay with me!  I did a great job & my parents had a great time!
Aunt Lori and Uncle Nate were in town from Germany for the summer!!
At Aunt Lori's birthday, Mimi shared some of her cake with me. And I tried to lick her plate clean! Mmm.
I am a great eater still & can feed myself most of my finger foods!
I started feeding myself with a spoon a little bit.
Just with foods like oatmeal or yogurt that stick to the spoon a little easier.
I can give you a High 5!
I love swimming!
I went to the beach with lots of my family!
I loved hanging out with Aunt Eliza, Aunt Caroline & Uncle Isaac while we were there.  :)
I was a good sleeper this month... even at the beach!
I usually sleep either 30 minutes or 1.5 hours in the morning and then 1.5 hours in the afternoon.
I started going to bed closer to 7:45 or 8 instead of 7 so I would sleep a little later in the morning.
I went to the Fort Fisher Aquarium with my mommy!
I'm going through a little bit of separation anxiety right now.
Sometimes I'd rather stay with either my mommy or daddy.
I made up a game in my room where I stand up next to my ottoman bean bag...
...and flop onto it, over & over!  It's the best game & makes me laugh so hard!
I have two teeth now so I started brushing my teeth!  I don't really love it yet!
If you ask me where my hair is, I know how to grab it! 
I give the best kisses around! 
I love to talk!  It's starting to sound like real Davis-language conversations! 
My daddy put my big boy car seats in the cars!
I learned how to stand up like a big boy!
And I started taking steps on July 6!!  Pretty soon I'll be walking everywhere!
How is this summer almost over?!