Wednesday, July 31, 2013

These Boots Were Made for WALKING...

Davis took his first steps on July 6th...!  He's not actually walking independently yet but he's taking a lot more steps and is getting much more comfortable getting around.  And he LOVES it.  
Mission accomplished! 
It won't be long...!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Beachhhhh Trip!

Last week Aaron was at camp with the 6th & 7th graders, so Davis & I headed to Carolina Beach for the annual beach trip with my mom's side of the family.  It was a GREAT trip and such a fun time to hang out with everyone!  Isaac & Caroline were even able to come from Memphis & it was the first time we'd gotten to hang out with the married couple!! Davis did fantastic and is at such a fun age for everyone to play with... and he certainly had an abundance of people who wanted to play with him while we were there!  :)  Here are some of the pictures from the week... 
Playing with the sand. 
Such a happy baby!
We got to hang out with cousin Whitney & her family too!!
Whitney is my dad's cousin's daughter... which makes Davis & her daughters... who knows??? 
Davis & I went on a date to the Fort Fisher Aquarium.  :)
Intrigued by the quail.
Amanda & Nick came to visit!!  We all used to lifeguard together back in high school.  :)
Playing with Uncle Isaac. 
Isaac & Caroline made pizookie!
pizookie (noun): a fresh baked cookie served in the pan with vanilla ice cream spread on top
We cleaned the pan. 
We're a very talented family.
Talented, and beautiful.  Ha  :)
Davis did a great job at night & with naps sleeping in his pack 'n play.  
With Mimi & Grandaddy Rick!
Mr. and Mrs. O'Hare x2
Somebody loves Uncle Ike!
Cutest sunglasses ever!
Davis already wants to be like Aunt Eliza.  :)
And he loved Charlie!
Davis liked to watch the waves but wasn't a fan if I tried to put his feet in the water.
Be still my heart.
Lunch break under the umbrella. 
Some of the Duhan cuzzos.
Love these people!
Dinner in Wilmington before heading home.
It was such a blessing to get to spend time with Isaac & Caroline!  And Eliza, of course!  :)
I love my family.  And the beach.  :)  But...we were excited to get to see Aaron when we got home!!  Next time, we'll have to plan the weeks a little better so you can come, Aaron!!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Pool Par-tayyy, Baby Style.

And by "pool", I mean teeny tiny kiddie pool.  With teeny tiny precious kiddies in it.  :)  The weather was actually nice last Saturday (it did actually rain, but right after we finished up dinner) so we had a few friends over for a little cookout & the kiddos got to play in the pool. 
Thanks Miss Joy for the pool!
Daddies and babies.  :)
This was after the post-dinner downpour so the guys were a little wet. 
I'm so thankful for fun friends & that Davis has sweet friends to grow up with.  Such a blessing.