Sunday, July 7, 2013

Davis's 1st Birthday PARTY - His Wild Rumpus!

Our little munchkin turned one last Sunday!!!  So we celebrated!!  For his party, we had a Where the Wild Things Are theme and were so excited to spend the afternoon with Davis's family & friends.  The weather didn't want to cooperate so we quickly moved everything inside but it turned out to be a great afternoon.  :)  Here are some of the pictures from his special day...
Good morning birthday boy!!!
We went to church in the morning & got to hang out in Daddy's office for a little while.
Davis loves being in his daddy's office!
The invitation to Davis's Wild Rumpus!
Our wild thing.   :)
Ahhh, he's just so cute!!
Monster beach ball favors for Davis's friends.  
My favorite decoration - one picture from each of Davis's 12 months!
It was so fun to see how much he's grown since he was born!
Thank you Helen for these precious cupcakes!!
Trying to escape!
He had a tail b/c he was dressed like Max in the book.   :)
I loved how his smash cake turned out!
It's my party & I'll cry if I want to!
Didn't love all the attention... 
...but nothing a little chocolate can't fix!
Chocolate e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e.
Davis, are you gonna be a sweet tooth like your daddy?!
The damage.
I love this sweet little face!!
Well, it used to be pretty...!
Quick sink bath...
...and he's clean as a whistle!
Thanks everyone for all the fun gifts!! 
Ha, sassy pants!
The Carters - sweet friends.  :)
Thanks for coming Aunt Eliza!
Words cannot begin to express how much we love this birthday boy!!
Davis is so much more fun than we'd ever imagined!


  1. Do you still have the files for all your decorations? My son's bday is this weekend and I want to theme it Where the wild things are but it's been hard finding anything.

  2. Oh my goodness your son is a cutie! My little guy turns 1 in January and I was wanting to throw him a Where The Wild Things Are party as well. I havent been able to find party decorations anywhere and if you wouldnt mind sharing the files for your decorations I would be extremely grateful.

  3. Gregory, we used some free printables (scroll to bottom where it says "Party Downloads" from this website: We also bought some decorations (water bottle covers, food labels, banner) from Crafty Bouquet's Etsy site ( And we used this Etsy idea to make our own pom-pom characters for decorations: Hope this helps! And I hope your son has a perfect 1st birthday!!

  4. Your invitations are wonderful! Did you purchase them or design them yourself? If they were purchased, would you be willing to share your source?

  5. I am wondering how you made the wagon boat?

    1. Me too! I'm on the planning committee for the Pasadena Palm Sunday Peace Parade. the theme this year is Peace without Borders: Welcoming the Refugee. One feature of the parade will be children riding as "refugees" in wagons made to look like boats. Could you cook up some step-by-step instructions to help the cause?

    2. Oh how fun! I actually don't remember step-by-step directions since it's been a while! But we built it around a little red wagon out of card board & duct tape & then spray painted that red. Hope that helps!

  6. Love this! We're thinking of doing a wild things party in April and are located in Greensboro. Did you find someone local to do the cake?

    1. Delicious Bakery made the cake & did a great job!

  7. How did you decorate the cupcakes? So cute!