Friday, July 5, 2013

Isaac & Caroline got hitched!!

On June 22, Isaac & Caroline got MARRIED!!  We are so excited that Caroline's now officially an O'Hare!  The wedding was in Knoxville, TN and we had a wonderful weekend spending time with their family & friends. And it's pretty rare that all my brothers & sisters are in the same it was pretty awesome that Aaron & Stacy were in America and we could ALL hang out!
Ike & Carl (at the rehearsal)!!  :)  
Getting ready for the Bridesmaids Luncheon.
Davis was so excited to get to hang out with Aunt Virg & Uncle Micah!
Mani/Pedis with all my SISTERS! :)
Boys lunch.
3 of my favorites.  :)
Love these Aarons.  
At the rehearsal.
Sweet, sweet baby!
Rehearsal dinner with some of my cousins!
I cannot explain how blessed I feel to have wonderful sisters who I enjoy being with!
(I think you should all move to Greensboro...!)   :)
I know... our beauty is pretty incredible.
Photo bombers.
Rehearsal dinner.
My family except Aaron & Davis... they'd already gone back to the hotel for bedtime.  :(
Caroline & Isaac with my parents.  :)
My handsome dates!!
I'm so glad y'all were in 'Merica for this!
Ok Davis...act like a tiger. Good job.  :)
My oldest & youngest brothers.
The original six.  
Lucky, lucky boy.  :)
Our attempt at an awkward family photo. Nailed it.
Sassy Stace.
Micah & Virg!!

Party trolley.   :)
Yayyyy, you're married!!
Davis was excited to ride without a carseat!
Happy boys!
At the reception.
Seriously, this was the prettiest reception I'd ever been to!
Ahhhhh, so happy Uncle Nate & Aunt Lori were in 'Merica too!!!
Some of the Duhan cuzzos at the reception.  Love them!
Get a room.  :)
Betsy & Edward breaking it down!
Eliza & Nick.  :)
Brunch the next morning with most of the siblings.
Love these boys!
Davis didn't get any attention on this trip at all.  Poor kid.   :)
My dad and his brother, Uncle John. 
PS. Happy birthday Isaac!  We love you lots!

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  1. beautiful wedding and family! those bridesmaids dresses were stunning!