Saturday, November 30, 2013

Turkey Day 2013!!

I hope you all had a FANTASTIC Thanksgiving!!  Ours involved lots of good food with family, afternoon naps and building forts in the living room.  :)  It was perfect.  
Enjoying a fire at Grandaddy Rick's & Mimi's!
Talking to Micah & Virginia since we couldn't be with them on Thanksgiving.
Hugs for Mimi!
And kisses for mommy!
My mom's side of the family went to the lake for Thanksgiving this year
and since we couldn't go we went to my parents' house for breakfast.
We missed the Duhan clan lots this year!!
Typical Davis face!  :)
The walking stage makes picture-taking much harder!  :)
Giggly boy!
Dinner at Papa & Grandmama's!
Helping set up the tree. 
Building forts with daddy in the living room! 
Sorry mom. No girls allowed.
Davis was sad when his fort fell over!
A little Thanksgiving coloring.
Facetime date with Aunt Eliza!
We're so thankful for all of God's blessings. And for time to be with family.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Davis is Getting Promoted.... a BIG BROTHER!  :)
This Thanksgiving Aaron & I are especially thankful for these two blessings! 
Wait... does this mean I'll have to share my toys?! 
OK, as long as I have a fun play mate!
We're excited for another munchkin for Davis to grow up with.  :)

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Smith Mountain Lake Vacation!

Marty & Lori Benshoff have an awesome lake house up at Smith Mountain Lake & they very 
generously let us stay there for a few days! And it was fan-tastic! October was such a busy month
so time away as a family was such a blessing.  :)  
Enjoying the lake & beautiful weather!
Davis loved to be out on the deck!
Beautiful view of SML!
Thank you Benshoff family for blessing us with some family time!