Friday, November 1, 2013

A Look Back at October...

This month was ridiculously busy for us.  But good.  :)
I love to stack up my toys!
And I like to brush my hair with mommy's hair brush.
Mimi took me to the Children's Museum.  :)
I LOVE to be outside. Nothing makes me happier.
And I can't be outside without holding a stick. It's a requirement.
We play at the Greensboro Science Center a lot. Usually with friends. 
I went to Uncle Josh's baseball awards banquet!
I loved clapping for everyone while they got their trophies.  :)
I got to go to Mikey's football game!!
The tree guys trimmed our trees & kept me entertained for hours.
I'm very mischievous!  :)
I try to throw things in toilets, empty my diaper basket, throw things in the trash ... etc.  
On Wednesday nights, Grandaddy Rick takes me and my mommy out for dinner!
While Daddy was out of town, I was the man of the house
and took my mommy out for frozen yogurt.  Such a gentleman!
I'm all about my daddy this month!!  He's the BEST.
I like to help him with the yard work...
...and I helped him finish up the baby proofing.
I'm intrigued with power tools!
Miss Carolyn & Ellie came over & had dinner with me!
I've been a good eater this month.  :)  I do try to throw my food on the ground sometimes, though.
I love to feed my mommy & daddy.  I'm learning to share!
I like to snuggle with my bunny when I sleep.  :)
I got to go to Fort Caswell with the 7th and 8th graders!
I loved all the attention I got!
I love to swing!  I get excited when I know that's where we're going.
I also like to play the piano at Mimi's house... such fun music!
Books are my favorite!  I love to be read to and play with my books.
I am getting really good at going up & down stairs & think it's really fun!
I went to Smith Mountain Lake with my parents & had a great time!
The weather was great & I loved to play outside!!
I turned 16 months old on October 30!
And I went to the Pumpkin Bash on Halloween dressed as a dinosaur!
And I got to see some of my friends!
Such a fun month!

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