Sunday, June 30, 2013

Davis is TWELVE months old!!

I literally have no idea how it's been a year already!  Our sweet baby has gotten to be so much fun and we love him more each and every day!!! 
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET DAVIS!!  We love you so much!!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Our Visitors from Deutschland!!

ANNE & MORITZ CAME TO VISIT FROM GERMANY A FEW WEEKS AGO!!!  :)  Anneke is like a big sister to me and it was so great to see her!!! And we love, love, love Moritz too but sadly he isn't able to come visit as often as Anne. So the fact that BOTH of them were able to come was super fun!  Aaron & Moritz get along great so they could go hang out & do guy stuff (tennis...) while Anne, Eliza, Emily, Mom & I did girl stuff (mani/pedis...).  Here are some pictures from their visit...
Backyard cookouts...
We went hiking at Hanging Rock...
Such a beautiful day
We went swimming at Hamilton.
We cheered for Josh at his baseball game!! 
We took them to eat at The Worx, which is kind of fun for us to go to because it's in the old
warehouse that Pop owned until a few years ago... so we have lots of memories of the building from growing up.
Anne always wants Juice Shop when she visits.  :)  And so do the rest of us!

I'm pretty sure Aaron & Moritz ate Ben & Jerry's twice a day. Out of control.  
We celebrated Mom & Dad's and Anne & Moritz's anniversaries.  :)
Mary came for the anniversary dinner!
Moritz plays soccer in Germany so he brought Davis some teeny tiny jerseys
from his team (1860 Munich)... so precious!!  This shirt says "Neuzugang",
which means "newest member of the team" in German.
We ate so much at PF Changs!
Davis loves them!  :)
Saying goodbye...  :(  Please come back to visit soon!!
OR come play MLS so we can see you more often!!  ;)
We also had to say bye to Emily on the same day that Anne & Moritz left.  :(  :(  :(
Rough day... we miss you so much Em!
Davis keeps saying he wants to visit Germany, so... I guess we better start saving.  :)

Monday, June 17, 2013

Aaron's 1st Father's Day!

We celebrated Father's Day on Saturday afternoon by going to Country Park together. We took some bread & let Davis help us feed the ducks (well, mostly geese) for the first time and then Davis & I took Aaron out to an early-bird dinner.  Davis may not realize yet how blessed he is to have Aaron as his daddy... but I certainly do! 
Helping his daddy open his Father's Day gifts. 
This was a feat. Trying to get him to hold the letter still (and not upside down),
look at the camera AND smile simultaneously was much harder than I'd expected. Oh my. 
We framed these pictures for Aaron's office.
Somebody likes his daddy.  :)
Feeding the geese & ducks.
I'm not gonna lie. I get a little scared when they come close to me.
Davis, I hope you always know that your dad is the man!  Because he is.  :)
Watching the ducks.
Playing with the crayons at dinner.
It's so fun to watch Davis's face light up when Aaron walks in the room or start squealing & banging on the door when he sees Aaron's car pull up after work! He adores his daddy so much!!

Monday, June 10, 2013


The pool opened Memorial Day weekend so we got to take Davis to the pool for the 1st time! I wasn't really expecting him to like it since it's so much colder than his bath but he does great in the water!
We love taking friends to the pool, if you ever want to come with us!  :)