Monday, May 28, 2012

Painting Davis's Crib!

On Mother's Day weekend, Aunt Lynne found me a crib at a yard sale for $55 and it was exactly what I wanted!  Well, except for the color.  
The crib was a pretty wood, but it didn't really match the nursery.
So this weekend, I painted it grey to match the nursery's grey & yellow color scheme.  
I used "Granite" (Satin) spray paint.
First I laid out all the pieces.
And then I painted 2 coats on each side.
Voila!  Now we have a grey crib!
My favorite feature is this drawer under the crib.
I heart storage.  
Now Davis has a big boy crib!  :)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

34 Weeks!

Holy cow... how are there only ~6 weeks left?!  Seriously, this pregnancy is really flying by.  But that means we get to meet our little one soon!
It feels like Davis has been practicing his flip turns this week... he's gonna be a little swimmer!  :)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

33 Weeks... and a Beach Weekend!

Davis is at 33 weeks now!!  We should get to meet our little guy in about 2 months and we can't wait!!
We also got to go on a last minute trip to the beach over the weekend!  The weather wasn't great but we had a great time anyways.  :)  It was so nice to just get to relax & have a quiet weekend with each other.  One night we went to Medieval Times and here are some pictures from that... 
I'm officially ready for summer!!  :)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

32 weeks... and Mother's Day!

Yesterday Davis was 32 weeks.  :)  He's getting big!!
And you might have noticed behind me we have an unassembled crib now!  Yesterday I got home from the farmer's market & Aunt Lynne was at my house with a crib!  She found this convertible crib for $55 at a yard sale & it's in great condition.  It's exactly what I'd been looking for with a drawer under the crib, except that I'll need to paint it.  I was really excited.  Starting to feel more like a nursery!
It's this model except it doesn't have the dark wood at the top.
And today I got to celebrate my first unofficial Mother's Day.  :)  My sweet husband brought me some flowers & is taking me to dinner!  
Flowers from my baby daddy & a card from Steph!
It's been a good weekend!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

31 weeks!!

We're at 31 weeks now!  
Thanks Janice for this maternity dress!!
(+/-)9 weeks to go, so we're in the single digits countdown!  Accomplishment for this week: I (finally) went to Babies-R-Us and registered with lots of help from Meredith Showalter and the support of my mom and Marla!  Whew, so relieved to have that (almost) done...I had been dreading it off for weeks.   I still need to make some edits, but the really overwhelming part is done-zo!  :)