Sunday, May 13, 2012

32 weeks... and Mother's Day!

Yesterday Davis was 32 weeks.  :)  He's getting big!!
And you might have noticed behind me we have an unassembled crib now!  Yesterday I got home from the farmer's market & Aunt Lynne was at my house with a crib!  She found this convertible crib for $55 at a yard sale & it's in great condition.  It's exactly what I'd been looking for with a drawer under the crib, except that I'll need to paint it.  I was really excited.  Starting to feel more like a nursery!
It's this model except it doesn't have the dark wood at the top.
And today I got to celebrate my first unofficial Mother's Day.  :)  My sweet husband brought me some flowers & is taking me to dinner!  
Flowers from my baby daddy & a card from Steph!
It's been a good weekend!


  1. Hannah! You look so cute with your lil baby bump. I am so excited for you and Aaron. Davis is gonna be such a cutie! LOVE YOU!

    1. Thanks Lauren!! I miss you lots... are you ever in GSO?!

    2. Every couple of months... I was actually in town this weekend for Anna's baby shower. I will be back again in August and I will have to meet lil Davis!!