Saturday, December 31, 2011

We're having a Little Riddle!!!!!!!!

Yep, it's official... we're having a baby!!!!!!  Aaron & I are so super-duper excited!  :)  Here are some quick facts about Little Riddle... 

How far along: 13 weeks
Due Date: July 8, 2012
Boy or Girl: I think it's a boy, Aaron thinks it's a girl.  Really, for no good reasons at all.  I just arbitrarily chose boy... and Aaron chose girl because I chose boy.  Now we just want to see who's right.  :)  We'll both be ecstatic with either one!!  We won't actually find out until mid-to-late February.
Twins like Daddy?  nope, there was only 1 heartbeat... sorry mom!
How we're feeling: So excited, slightly anxious, a little overwhelmed, ready to know if it's a boy or a girl, and very, very blessed.  
We found out on October 30 before church.
2 lines?!?!  :)
I just started my second trimester and I'm so thankful to say I didn't ever have any morning sickness.  Well, I didn't really have any pregnancy symptoms, actually.  Except I had trouble keeping my eyes open past 9pm.  Seriously, my bedtime has been pretty much non-negotiable for the last month or so.  But hopefully I'll be getting my energy back for this second trimester... maybe I'll be able to stay awake until 10pm??  :) 

On December 21, I got to leave work a few minutes early to go hear our baby's heartbeat with Aaron.  What a sweet, sweet sound!  :)  It was such a relief and so exciting at the same time.  I have a recording of it on our computer... I think Aaron & I have probably listened to it a hundred times since the doctor's appointment!
This is what our mantle really looked like this year.
Precious little stocking!
For Baby Riddle!
Needless to say, Aaron & I are very excited for 2012!!!!  :)

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Goodbye Dearest Lexie

Yesterday, Aaron sold his car.  I can't lie, I'm really going to miss Lexie.  I helped Aaron pick her out his sophomore year of college and she's been a great car since.  Aaron thinks I'm ridiculous for being sentimental & feeling kind of attached to her, but whatever.  I really like her.  Anyway, Aaron sold her to a lady who was buying a car for her son and it was sad to see her drive Lexie away yesterday afternoon.  No, I didn't cry, but probably because we had friends over & everyone would have laughed at me.  :)  But I was a little sad.  
Gonna miss her!
But the great news is Aaron's parents gave us a much better / more reliable car and we're so grateful!  Aaron's dad got a new car so they gave us his mom's Civic.  The mileage on it is much lower than the mileage poor old Lexie had on her, so this car will last us much longer than Lexie would have!  We'd known we would probably have to replace Lexie in about 2 years, so having a newer car that will last us a lot longer is such a huge blessing!!!  
Meet Squirt, the newest addition to our family.  :)
My personal favorite feature of this car...
There's an "H" for "Hannah" on the steering wheel.   :)
Thank you Jeff & Marla.  I hope you know how much of a blessing this car is to us!

Josh's Piano Recital.

Josh gets really excited when all the siblings are home.  I mean, really excited.  We really were all getting together to celebrate Micah & Virginia's birthdays (they both have birthdays in early December), but Josh decided to steal their thunder & give us all a piano recital.  It was pretty hilarious.  He just started taking piano lessons a few weeks ago so he played us a few songs that he's been learning.  He was so proud & excessively excited!  
The real reason for the party.  
Happy birthdays Mac & Virginia!!
So fun to have them in Greensboro!
Then Josh decided to steal the show  :)
Nothing could stop him...
not even his crown covering his eyes.
To say he was excited was an understatement!
Musical selection for the evening
Loving the attention.
Cutest kid ever.
Grandmother & Pop.  :)
Aaron & Stacy, I should have video taped it for you... Josh was so funny!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Decorations!!!

I L-O-V-E the season of Christmas and decorating for Christmas!  It makes me so happy to come home to Christmas reminders in every room.  If I had it my way, our house would stay decorated year round.  But, unfortunately Aaron and I don't see eye-to-eye on this.  :)  He thinks they should go up a few days before Christmas and come down December 26... but he helped me decorate the weekend after Thanksgiving and now it smells like Christmas trees on Harvard Avenue!!  
Outside decorations
Front door wreath.
Allison Mayer & I had so much fun making these last year the week after Christmas!
Our living room is my favorite room!
So happy that we can see the
Christmas tree from 2 rooms!!
Changed out the dining room ledge pictures with some wintery ones.
2 of my favorite things rolled up into one...
UNC and Christmas  :)
Christmas dishes make me smile!
My mom & Aaron gave me these last Christmas  :)
Table centerpiece
Frosty the cookie jar... Aaron's favorite decoration  :)
Christmas cards from friends around the kitchen ledge
Wreath on the kitchen door
My nativity scene... one of my favorite decorations
The mantle  :)
I made these with Allison last year, too...
Allison, you need to come visit to see them!  ;)
Mantle decorations
Mantle decorations
The berries were from the backyard
Merry Christmas from the Riddles! 
Just imagine Christmas music playing in the background and that's what our house is like for the month of December.  :)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Gobble, Gobble, Gobblerrrr!

Thanksgiving means Greensboro Gobbler time!  :)  The Greensboro Gobbler is a 5k at Country Park on Thanksgiving morning that my family usually runs together.  It's a lot of fun & it makes me feel a little less guilty about all those calories I eat throughout the day!  One of my favorite things about the Gobbler is that I always see dozens of people I know but don't see often, since it's a fairly big event.  Here are some pictures from the Gobbler this year...
Team O'Hare/Riddle, pre-run
And we're off!
Dad in his festive Gobbler shirt
Team Riddle looks a little too excited here  :) 

Pretty Ricky & Easy E
Beahm & Cooper!  He was so cuddly (Cooper, that is!)
Dad finished first for our family 
Aaron, me, Eliza, & Isaac finishing.
Now it's time for Thanksgiving food!!
I always enjoy running this as a family!  :)