Saturday, December 24, 2011

Goodbye Dearest Lexie

Yesterday, Aaron sold his car.  I can't lie, I'm really going to miss Lexie.  I helped Aaron pick her out his sophomore year of college and she's been a great car since.  Aaron thinks I'm ridiculous for being sentimental & feeling kind of attached to her, but whatever.  I really like her.  Anyway, Aaron sold her to a lady who was buying a car for her son and it was sad to see her drive Lexie away yesterday afternoon.  No, I didn't cry, but probably because we had friends over & everyone would have laughed at me.  :)  But I was a little sad.  
Gonna miss her!
But the great news is Aaron's parents gave us a much better / more reliable car and we're so grateful!  Aaron's dad got a new car so they gave us his mom's Civic.  The mileage on it is much lower than the mileage poor old Lexie had on her, so this car will last us much longer than Lexie would have!  We'd known we would probably have to replace Lexie in about 2 years, so having a newer car that will last us a lot longer is such a huge blessing!!!  
Meet Squirt, the newest addition to our family.  :)
My personal favorite feature of this car...
There's an "H" for "Hannah" on the steering wheel.   :)
Thank you Jeff & Marla.  I hope you know how much of a blessing this car is to us!


  1. First of all, we would not have laughed at you, second of all I love the name for your new car and third of all only you would notice the H and think Hannah... love you sweet friend!

  2. Ha, ok... First of all, Jay & Aaron would have. Second of all, thanks! And third, now you better think of me every time you look at your steering wheel... ;) So glad I got to see you!! I hope you had fun in Charlotte & Greenville. xoxo