Thursday, December 1, 2011

Gobble, Gobble, Gobblerrrr!

Thanksgiving means Greensboro Gobbler time!  :)  The Greensboro Gobbler is a 5k at Country Park on Thanksgiving morning that my family usually runs together.  It's a lot of fun & it makes me feel a little less guilty about all those calories I eat throughout the day!  One of my favorite things about the Gobbler is that I always see dozens of people I know but don't see often, since it's a fairly big event.  Here are some pictures from the Gobbler this year...
Team O'Hare/Riddle, pre-run
And we're off!
Dad in his festive Gobbler shirt
Team Riddle looks a little too excited here  :) 

Pretty Ricky & Easy E
Beahm & Cooper!  He was so cuddly (Cooper, that is!)
Dad finished first for our family 
Aaron, me, Eliza, & Isaac finishing.
Now it's time for Thanksgiving food!!
I always enjoy running this as a family!  :) 

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