Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Hiking at Hanging Rock

Our friends Anneke and Moritz are in town from Germany so we took them to Hanging Rock last Saturday...and it was the perfect day for it!  It was a gorgeous day and the temperature couldn't have been any better.  :)
Pre-hike. Minus Aaron, our photographer.
Hahaha, nice Eliza. Glad you're always camera-ready!
Ready for the big hike!
At the top of Hanging Rock.  :)  So pretty!
Anne & Moritz
Our attempt at a family picture.  :)
Emily & Anne.
Davis and Aunt Eliza!
Hahaha, thanks Eliza for this addition.  
The girls!
And the guys!
I'm so thankful for beautiful spring days!  


  1. I appreciate you giving me a special shout-out in the first picture and for recognizing that I wasn't there. Sadly, though, I wasn't the photographer. But close.

  2. Oh, and Eliza's shorts = totally gangster, totally O'Hare