Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Look Back at April...

Here are some of the things Davis has been up to over the past month...
I started eating finger foods. I do a great job eating all the foods my mommy gives me...
but I usually can't get the food in my mouth without some help.  
I celebrated my Uncle Josh's 18th birthday!
And it was my first trip to the bowling alley.  :)
One of my favorites games this month was to lean my head to the side (and sometimes my whole body!)
and get everyone to look back at me with their heads tilted. I really liked this new perspective!
Arthur & Kaitlyn came over & I got to play with Arthur!
I celebrated my Nana's birthday too!
I helped clean the lettuce from the garden.
I get so excited when I can get to a standing position in my crib...
and I love to play peak-a-boo over the bars.  
Instead of sitting to play with my toys, I want to stand with all of them!  
I'm getting really good at waving bye-bye!
I learned how to sleep on my tummy & usually sleep this way now.
I sleep great all night but I've been trying to convince my mommy that naps are for babies
& I don't need mine anymore... so far it isn't working, but I'm still trying my best! 
We had a play group cookout & lots of my friends were there!
And the daddy's got to come too which made it really fun!
I also like to make funny favorite right now is scrunching up my nose.
I went to the Special Olympics to cheer for Uncle Josh...
and he got a gold medal!  :)
I love my new slide from Miss Joy!
I can make myself go down without any help!  Sooo big.
And I turned 10 months old!
This is such a fun age!!  :)

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  1. Your son has an adorable Dennis The Menace thing going on