Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The End of a Twelve Year Streak...

For the past twelve years, there has been at least one (and almost always two) O'Hare child(ren) in school at UNC-Chapel Hill. Well, that streak has come to an end as my baby sister just GRADUATED!  I'm so excited for you and proud of you Eliza!!  :)  
Davis loves his Aunt Lib Lib!
He refused to wear her cap.
One day, Davis...  :)
Hanging out with Grandmother!
Real life.
Eliza, I'm not sure how you look taller than me. 
Or tanner than me.  ;)
Mom & the graduate. Mom, you look like a shrimp here.  :)
Carolina alum.  :)
Kind of hard to believe you're done Eliza...YOU'RE TOO YOUNG!!  {sorry, had to}  xoxo


  1. Davis, looking good with the baby blue graduation cap - won't be long till he's walking, too!

  2. Love those pictures of Davis with the graduation cap! We're starting Canon young too - for Clemson, of course!