Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Outing!

I was incredibly blessed to celebrate my first (official) Mother's Day with Davis yesterday. Such a precious gift. With the help of his daddy, Davis planned an afternoon excursion to Old Salem...he must know my love language is quality time!  I loved spending the day with my boys, and the gorgeous spring weather was perfect for being outside. 
My first Mother's Day gift... Davis slept in.  :)
He was snoozing so hard that I was able to turn on the lamp and
take some pictures of this little angel. I love pictures of him sleeping. 
Davis also gave me this dress for Mother's Day.  What a thoughtful baby!  :)
Old Salem!
Davis adores his daddy!  (And so do I!)
I could just eat him up!
It was such a special first Mother's Day.  :)

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