Thursday, October 31, 2013

Davis the Dinosaur - and Friends!

Happy Halloween!!  Here are some pictures from our 2013 Halloween festivities.  :)
My favorites!!
Outdoorsy kind of day.
Mama's sweetheart!
Sweet little dinosaur!
Disclaimer: Yes, I wear this shirt every Halloween. Only orange I own.
His costume was similar last year (dragon) but the dino was the only $5 costume at Old Navy.
Yeah, I went with the cheap costume.  :)  And he's still stinkin' cute!
Then we went to Westover's Pumpkin Bash to see Daddy!
Playing in the little kids room  :)
Some of Davis's friends!
Heyyyyy Dillon!  
Davis the Dinosaur & his biggest fans!
Davis & his older lady friends!
Stealing candy for Mommy  :)  I've trained him well.
Trick-or-treating at Grandaddy Rick & Mimi's on the way home.
Sweet dreams little dinosaur!


  1. Love that shirt Riddle's rocking! Also, that's the cutest dinosaur I've seen since Micah did it so well in the 90's...

  2. That was the closest to orange Aaron had. :) And yes, Micah & Davis were both pretty adorable dinosaurs!