Monday, July 1, 2013

A Look Back at June...

Whew, June was a crazy busy month.  But a crazy good month.  :)
We had to say bye to Anne & Moritz...
...and Emily on the same day. I was sad!  :(
I played at the pool a lot this month. 
One of my favorite games is opening & closing the door from my crib.  So. much. fun.
I celebrated Father's Day with my daddy!!  I think he's the best!
I made him this picture frame so he could look at me at work & remember that I'm thankful he's my dad!
Uncle Aaron, Aunt Stacy, & Uncle Isaac came to Greensboro & we celebrated their birthdays!
Uncle Aaron fed me my first hush puppy at Stamey's.   Mmm.
I love to walk/run around the house with my walker. And I bang into everything.  :)
I went to Uncle Isaac & Aunt Caroline's wedding in Knoxville!! I'm so excited to have another aunt!!
I did a great job staying up wayyyy past my bedtime!  I'm such an easy baby boy!
I slept great in my pack 'n play while we were traveling! 
I got to go on my first trolley ride at the wedding!  Look mom, no carseat!!  :)
I scoot all around the house & am happy to play by myself with my toys.
I took Daddy out to breakfast for his birthday!
And helped him open gifts & played in his tissue paper.  :)
I love to pull books out of my book box...
...and open the drawer under my crib and the cabinets in the kitchen!
I don't really pull much stuff out, I just like to open & close them.  We'll see how long that lasts!
I finally am enjoying bath time in a big boy bath tub!  At first, I was a little scared of the big tub.
Uncle Micah & Aunt Virginia, thanks for my bath letters to play with! 
My favorite toy this month is my noise machine.  It could entertain me for hours!
I started to army crawl.  Everywhere.  I still don't do the real crawl but this certainly gets me around!
And I still prefer to be walking.  One of these days, I'll be able to do it by myself!
I'm getting better at using my sippy cups.  Sometimes I still have trouble tipping them far enough up.
I love books and especially turning pages!  If Mommy says "turn the page," I know how to do it.
I'm a fantastic eater.  And I eat lots! Mommy still feeds me 4 times each day  and I get big boy food 3 times.
I will feed myself sometimes but usually I prefer for someone to help me. 
For the most part, I've been taking 30 minute morning naps and 1 or 2 hour afternoon naps this month.
I've been going to sleep like a champ without much fussing at all. 
I know to reach for my mommy's nose when she says "Where's Mommy's nose?"
I just need to practice being gentle.  :)
I had my first BIRTHDAY!!
My birthday party was a "Where the Wild Things Are" theme so I got to play in a boat and dress like Max.
Thanks to all my friends and family who came over to celebrate with me!
I ate my first cake!!  And got it everywhere...!
My parents are so so so thankful that I was born!!!
I cruise around on the furniture to practice walking.
Here's a picture from when I turned 12 months!  I'm so big! 
July, here we come!!

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  1. SO CUTE! seriously. And we have the same sound machine and I am always trying to pull him away from it! He has already managed to break one, haha!