Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Look Back at July...

July was such a fun month in the Riddle household!  Davis keeps getting more & more fun and we are enjoying him so much at this age!  Here are some of the highlights from our month...
I like to make silly faces with my daddy!
I went to the pool with friends!
And I got to go to lunch at Stamey's with my Great Grandmother!
I figured out how to steer my walker & I run all over the house now!!  I'm unstoppable.
I celebrated the 4th of July at the lake
And had to say goodbye to Uncle Aaron & Aunt Stacy because they left for the Himalayas!  :(
Some of my friends came over to play in my pool with me.
The beginning of the month was really rainy so I played inside.
I got really good at the drums!  
I learned to use the signs "more"...
...and "finished"!
My mom and dad went to Charlotte to celebrate their 5th anniversary...
and Nana came to stay with me!  I did a great job & my parents had a great time!
Aunt Lori and Uncle Nate were in town from Germany for the summer!!
At Aunt Lori's birthday, Mimi shared some of her cake with me. And I tried to lick her plate clean! Mmm.
I am a great eater still & can feed myself most of my finger foods!
I started feeding myself with a spoon a little bit.
Just with foods like oatmeal or yogurt that stick to the spoon a little easier.
I can give you a High 5!
I love swimming!
I went to the beach with lots of my family!
I loved hanging out with Aunt Eliza, Aunt Caroline & Uncle Isaac while we were there.  :)
I was a good sleeper this month... even at the beach!
I usually sleep either 30 minutes or 1.5 hours in the morning and then 1.5 hours in the afternoon.
I started going to bed closer to 7:45 or 8 instead of 7 so I would sleep a little later in the morning.
I went to the Fort Fisher Aquarium with my mommy!
I'm going through a little bit of separation anxiety right now.
Sometimes I'd rather stay with either my mommy or daddy.
I made up a game in my room where I stand up next to my ottoman bean bag...
...and flop onto it, over & over!  It's the best game & makes me laugh so hard!
I have two teeth now so I started brushing my teeth!  I don't really love it yet!
If you ask me where my hair is, I know how to grab it! 
I give the best kisses around! 
I love to talk!  It's starting to sound like real Davis-language conversations! 
My daddy put my big boy car seats in the cars!
I learned how to stand up like a big boy!
And I started taking steps on July 6!!  Pretty soon I'll be walking everywhere!
How is this summer almost over?! 

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