Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Last Year in My 20's?!?!

Well, I guess I'm getting old!!  :)  My birthday was on Friday & I'm officially 29 years old.  But it was a fabulous birthday so I can't complain!!  It was a gorgeous SPRING day, Aaron had the day off so I got to spend most of the day outside with my two men, and I got to hear my sweet Hudson's heart beat first thing in the morning because I had a doctor's appointment. And that's really all I wanted. 
My birthday started out with a sleepover with my youngest brother, Josh!
I share my birthday with World Down Syndrome Day (Trisomy 21, celebrated on 3/21)
and I love that I get to celebrate Josh on my birthday, too!
Sleeping like a baby!
Breakfast buds.  :)
And Aaron brought me Starbucks!
Playing at the park!
You just can't beat a Chipotle picnic in the park!
For dinner, Aaron took me to Southern Lights. So yummy!
And I got some home improvement things done for my birthday!!
Aaron floored the closet in Davis's new bedroom (it was HORRIBLE before)!
And my Dad installed flower boxes for me!
Now I'm ready for full-time spring weather so we can play outside more!!!  :)

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