Monday, March 17, 2014

A Look Back at February...

February flew by. I mean, flew. But here are some pictures from our month...  :)
I practiced being a good big brother!  
Mister Colt gave me this train & it's pretty awesome to ride!!
On Wednesday mornings, I go to BSF where I get to learn about Jesus and play with my friends.
I like to play with trains... at my own train table or Barnes & Noble.
I went to the Children's Museum with my parents & had so much fun! 
I'm still a little scared to go down slides by myself.
But I love swings!! 
I love keys ("tees"). And doors to put keys in.
I usually use a cup now instead of a sippy cup.
I do a great job with it... unless I decide it'd be more fun to dump the water on my tray.  :) 
I also got to go to the Children's Museum with my friend Caroline!!  :)
I keep my parents laughing!  :)
My mommy went to Denver for a week & I played with daddy! 
While she was gone it snowed a LOT!
And Daddy was my date for Valentine's.  We had a romantic candlelit dinner.  :)
While Mommy was gone, I helped Daddy get stuff done in my Big Boy Room!!
I'm a great helper, especially when it involves tools! 
I love to play Hide & Go Seek.
Some of my favorite places to hide are closets, behind doors, and behind chairs.
On the days when it wasn't snowing but was in the 60's, Mommy & I played outside & drank smoothies! 
We went to visit Daddy at work a lot.
I love to play with the balls in the middle school room!
I like to read my books.
My family cheered for Carolina basketball. I'm a Tar Heel born & bred!  :)
One day I'm going to be the next Michael Jordan!
Mommy & I started going swimming to get ready for the SUMMER!
And I turned 20 months old!
Annnnnd, now March is flying by!  How do I make time slow down?! 

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