Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Valentine's Day without my Valentines!

This Valentine's Day, I was in Denver with my sweet friend Anneke!  I was sad to not see my two Valentines on February 14th but I got to talk to them a lot and they got to have a candlelit dinner together... :)  And I got to spend good time with Anne! 
Romantic candlelit dinner!  :)
When I got home Sunday night, Aaron surprised me with a perfect Valentine's gift!! He (and my awesome parents!) had worked on Davis's big boy room while I was gone so now it's almost ready!!! I was SO excited. I'm not a huge gifts person, but all this hard work is definitely my love language!! Here is a sneak peak of Davis's soon-to-be bedroom: 
Aaron put together Davis's dresser!
And his bed!
My mom also helped a lot with the bed - she gave us a mattress, the comforter & the sheets!
Since it's hard to find a top sheet for a toddler bed, she bought a twin size sheet & cut it down to fit.  
Using his tools to help!  :)
Checking out the bed he's (hopefully!) going to sleep in in a few months.
And the biggest surprise was that Aaron & my dad put up crown moulding in his new room!!
This was the only room that didn't have it so I was really excited they added it!!
The Big Boy, himself. 
I'm already praying that this isn't what nap & bedtime looks like when he moves into a bed! Oh boy.
I'll be honest though. Aaron made my job look easy-peasy! He took great care of Davis for the week I was gone and had fun doing it... and he managed to set up most of Davis's bedroom.  There are definitely days I can't even manage to get dinner on the table.  I guess I need to step up my game!!  :)

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