Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Look Back at January...

Man, I just can't seem to get my month-in-review posts up until the next month is almost over! is what we were up to in January...
Daddy was home at the beginning of January for New Years so we got extra play time!
And Aunt Ziza was here so she came to play a lot!!
I learned lots of new words this month!
My vocabulary is growing so fast & I understand so much!
We got pictures of my little brother!
And we found out it's going to be another boy!!!
I'm going to be a great big brother!
I went for a ride with Garfield while mommy & daddy went shopping.  
We celebrated Cousin Christmas with the Busters!
I watched the Panthers games... and was sad when they lost! 
Some days the weather was really pretty & I played outside!
One of my favorite toys this month was my remote control car. It was daddy's favorite, too!
Aunt Ziza babysat a lot... she's great! 
I love smoothies. I could eat them all day!
I like to wait for daddy to get home. I'm a daddy's boy for sure, right now!
I went on field trips with Aunt Ziza. 
I'm a really good eater. I am completely independent with my fork & spoon now. 
So sometimes I make a big mess!  :)
I have lots of friends & love to play!
We celebrated Eliza's birthday & had to say goodbye to her.  :(
Other than my remote control car, my favorite toys are tools & balls. 
I started sleeping with a pillow & blanket! 
Uncle Isaac & Aunt Caroline came to visit!!
I'm so much fun & keep my mommy & daddy on their toes!  :)
I like to crawl through my tunnel & play in my fort!
I made shape cookies with daddy!  He's so creative & fun.
I like to read. And throw my books all over the ground.  
I tried a little finger painting.
I ask to FaceTime with Aunt Ziza a lot!
It snowed a little bit which was fun!
I liked running around & exploring the snow
I went to the Greensboro Science Center with mommy & daddy.
I got to look at the animals in the zoo because there were some warm days!
These months go by so fast!!

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