Friday, April 4, 2014

Favorite Family Vacation Thus Far!!

The week before my birthday, Aaron & I decided to take a little vacation. He had a week break between classes (aka, no school work!) and it was the day after a middle school retreat so we headed up to Gordonsville, Virginia for the week. And it was a-ma-zing!! I think it was a combination of being completely stress free, loving the place where we stayed, and Davis's age (possibly the biggest factor!), but we both thought this was the best vacation we've been on as a family since Davis has been born. The weather was nice so we spent a lot of time outside but there also were lots of indoor things for us to do. 
{I apologize in advance for the millions of photos.}
This was our home for the week.
We loved that it was right on the water... when we had dinner on the deck, we got these views!  :)
The resort had tons of beautiful horses!
There also were a few fun playgrounds that Davis enjoyed!
We had some yummy BBQ at The Barbeque Exchange (thanks to Mackie's suggestion!)...
... which Davis LOVED because he got to wave to all the trucks driving by!  :)
And the resort had Putt Putt so Davis brushed up on his golf skills.  
On a really windy day, we went to the Discovery Museum in Charlottesville.
And because we're members at the Greensboro Children's Museum, it was free!
Post Office! Davis's current dream job.  :)
Davis was finally brave enough to go down the slide by himself!!
And he loved it! 
The resort was very family friendly and had lots of fun stuff for kids.
Including a toddler room with toys...
And craft supplies!!
Little Picasso in action.
He wasn't a fan of his dirty hands.  :)
Cutest. Apron. Ever.
Even though Davis has been horseback riding before and loved it, he was much more timid this time!
So we decided to skip the pony ride & just admire the horses from behind the fence.  
They also had other animals, which Davis enjoyed looking at.
On the other cold morning, we went to the Bounce 'N Play in Charlottesville.
Since they wouldn't let parents go on the equipment, there wasn't too much Davis could do.
But he sure enjoyed playing basketball over & over!
And there was a toddler room with toys for him to play with.
And on the way home, we got to eat lunch with Jay, Katherine & Caroline in Waynesboro!!
Katherine is due with baby James in a few weeks, so our boys will only be a month or so apart!  :)
Sweet toddler hugs before we headed home.  :)
THANK YOU Papa & Grandmama for letting us use your time share - such a blessing to our family!  :)  

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