Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Look Back at March...

So many fun happenings in March...  :)
The Spring finally came so we got to play outside a bunch!!
I LOVE getting to see the mailman every day!
And I started putting 2 words together - my first two-word phrase was "Hi mailman!"
I could stay outside all day long, especially when I'm hitting golf balls with my daddy!
We finally got to wear our shorts and short sleeve shirts!
When I go to Grandaddy Rick's house, I like to ride in the lawn mower trailer...
... or, even better, I like to help my daddy drive!
I can tell you my name ("Dadis") if you ask me.  :)
I helped Grandaddy Rick hang our window boxes.
And then I helped my mommy plant the flowers in them. I am really proud when I see them now!
Bath time is still a favorite part of my day!
See, I'm all happy & clean! 
I am much happier going to the nursery at church now!
It must be this awesome pink car that I often run for...  :)
Mommy & I like to go to story time at the library on Thursdays...
Ms. Brandon reads us stories, shows us a video & lets us make a craft!
And I get a stamp on my hand. That's probably my favorite part! 
I got to spend an evening with these crazy 8th graders who were at D-Weekend!
They give me lots of attention & I love it!
I celebrated my friend Parker's 2nd birthday!! 
I'm pretty good at playing independently - and being creative with my toys.  :)
My mommy takes me swimming sometimes to get me ready for summmmmmer!
I went bowling with Mimi & Grandaddy Rick for the first time & really liked it!
I liked it so much I had to go to Time Out a few times because I didn't want to have to
wait my turn. I went through a little bit of a hitting phase in March when I didn't get
my way so I spent more time than usual in Time Out.  No fun!
I went to Gordonsville, Virginia with my parents for a little vacation
Daddy showed me how to play Putt Putt.
And I went to the Discovery Museum
I finally decided I was brave enough to go down a slide by myself
I'm getting really good at going up & down stairs by myself.
I also went to Bounce 'N Play while we were there. 
There were lots of pretty horses that I liked to watch! 
I got to paint & made beautiful pictures! 
And on the way home, I got to see my friend Caroline (and her parents)!! 
When we got home, Uncle Josh came over for a sleepover.
I celebrated my mommy's birthday! This is her last year in her 20's! 
I think painting in the bathtub is a lot of fun! 
I love my Wednesday night dates with Grandaddy Rick & my mommy.
And sometimes I take my mommy on lunch or dinner dates.  She loves our dates! 
It's so fun to watch Davis's personality get more & more pronounced and FUN!! 

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  1. Oh my gracious!! This makes me want to cry it is so sweet and precious. Wish we lived closer so Auntie Julie could see him more often!