Saturday, June 30, 2012

Davis's Nursery!

I must be suffering from 3rd trimester insomnia because I can't sleep.  I think God's preparing me for the sleepless nights to come!  Here are some pictures of Davis's (finally finished!) nursery.  :)  
The lighting in some of these pictures makes the grey look weird.
But the walls are light grey.  :)
The crib Aunt Lynne found
with all the bedding my mom helped me sew!
Uncle Aaron & Aunt Stacy brought Davis this adorable
elephant from Thailand!  Love his bowtie.  :)
The built-ins that Aaron & Grandaddy Rick built.
Sweet book from Sarah Beth & Susan  :)
And the owl is from Dunlap Love, an organization that helps orphans.
Shoes from Emily 
Uncle Josh picked out this elephant for Davis
A Tarheel born & bred!!  :)
Aaron is pretty sure Davis is gonna be a soccer player like his daddy.  :)
This book was given to Davis from his O'Hare grandparents on Valentine's day. 
This giraffe piggy bank was from Hudson & Cambree
and the owl was mine when I was little.
Davis's dresser, from Vance & Renate!
I love these number knobs!  They were red so I just painted them to match. 
This plane used to be Uncle Josh's.
The jumbo wooden ruler growth chart that I made.
The swivel rocker that Aaron rigged up to swivel & rock.  :)
Lots of fun books to read!
OK little one... you can hurry up now!  :)


  1. Hannah!! This looks AMAZING!!!! Y'all have worked so hard, and it has most certainly paid off! Davis will love his room! :o)

  2. wow! I love this room. I love that it was fashioned and made with love and creativity, and not just purchased.