Tuesday, June 19, 2012

AiM Baby Shower!

Jessica Bower & Kristen Johnson threw me a baby shower for our friends in Adventures in Marriage, our Sunday school class.  I really love the women in our class & am so thankful to have such wonderful women (wonderful couples really!) in our lives.  Such a blessing!  
Yummy food!
Some of the ladies in my small group
My mom & mother-in-law!
My sweet friend Katie Morin sells cloth diapers so she came to the shower to help explain how they work & to show us samples of the ones she sells.  Aaron & I are planning to use cloth diapers, but we have a lot to learn!  I'm so thankful Katie's only a phone call away!  :)
We raced to see who could diaper their baby doll the fastest  :)
My mom won.  But with 6 kids, she's had the most practice!
I lost.  I guess mom will have to come diaper Davis!
My baby doll didn't want to cooperate.
Jessica, Kristen, me & Katie  
Jessica & Kristen did such a great job with my shower... thanks so much!!  :)

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