Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sewing for the Nursery!

When I decided that I wanted Davis's nursery to be grey & yellow, I knew that meant I'd have to do some sewing because Babies R Us sells zero grey & yellow things.  And sewing projects meant I needed my mom's help.  Thankfully she's good at sewing & she loves her grandson.  :)  We finally finished all our sewing projects today & I was so thankful to load that sewing machine up & take it back to my mom's house!  Here's what we ended up sewing: cushions for the window seat, 2 pillows for the window seat, a pillow for the rocker, the crib bumpers, and the crib skirt.  
Cute elephants  :)
And giraffes!
A pillow for the rocker
My friend Jessica let me recover an old bumper she had... 
So we took the fabric off...
and recovered the insides.
We used this grey chevron pattern.
Mom sewing away!
Now they look like this!  
We also sewed the bedskirt. 
These bench cushions were probably the hardest part to sew.
But I really love how the toy box / window seat turned out!  
And my friend Kaitlin knit this for Davis & it goes perfectly in his nursery!
I was so impressed!!
I'm so thankful for my mom... about a week ago, we were awake until 2:30am working on window seat cushions.  I was going cross-eyed and falling asleep on the pillow we'd finished earlier.  Thankfully, my mom's a night owl because my sewing at 2:30am would not have been pretty.  :)


  1. LOVE everything!!!! Come on Baby Davis!

  2. Wow! It looks beautiful! Davis will love it :)

  3. Lovity love love! So very impressed with your handy skills. Also? Is that your house? Because I am IN LOVE with the wainscotting!

  4. Thanks Julie! :) My mom is the one with the sewing skills, definitely not me, though! Hopefully I'll learn. And yes, that is my house. When we bought it, it needed lots of renovations & TLC but adding the wainscotting/board & batten was one of the easiest things to do & it made one of the biggest impacts. I'm a big fan. :) So excited that you're a DIY-er too!!

  5. Hannah, I LOVE your choice in fabrics! The window seat and giraffes are my favorite! Wait...and the bumper...OO shucks, the whole thing is PERFECT! So excited for you and Aaron!