Monday, June 25, 2012

Making a Swivel Rocker

I really wanted a swivel rocker in the nursery BUT they were not cheap.  All the ones I liked were like $700 (or more!) and I just couldn't justify spending that much $mula$ on a chair.  So that's where my handy husband came into play (he's so great!).  I got the idea here for making a regular chair into a swivel rocker.  I found a white chair at Ikea for only $199 that I really liked so Isaac & I took a little road trip down to Charlotte to get it.  
The Ektorp Jennylund chair from Ikea.
Then Aaron added a swivel rocker attachment to the bottom for me so now it swivels & rocks!  I ordered the swivel rocker attachment from this website for $81 so overall it only cost about $300.  It's a fairly small chair which I like because it doesn't take up tons of room in the nursery but it's still comfortable. 
Step 1: Aaron cut out the bottom liner.
Step 2: Add a 1x2 board to the back of the chair.
(This made the front & back level for when he attached the plywood.) 
Step 3: Add scrap plywood to the bottom of the chair.
Step 4: Add 2x6's to the bottom.  
Step 5: Attach the swivel rocker attachment to the 2x6's (centered). 
And now my chair rocks & swivels!  :)  
Luckily, we had all the scrap wood leftover from other projects so it didn't take long at all to fix up.  I heart my chair!  :)

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  1. So great! That's the same chair that we converted for a rocker in our nursery and we love it! You'll get such good use out of it!!!