Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Aaron's Shed

Our house didn't have a shed or a garage when we moved in so Aaron's just been storing his tools in random places around our house or in my dad's garage.  So (one of) our projects for this spring was to get Aaron a shed!  We found a good deal on a shed kit from Costco that we really liked, so we recruited some help & got busy building.  (And by we, I mean they... I didn't do any of it!)  :)  Last week, while Aaron was at Mars Hill, I got some help from Matt & Isaac and we finished up all the small shed details (landscaping, ramp, & peg board) for Aaron's birthday (which is today, by the way!).  So happy that it's done!
Back corner, pre-shed.
Matt using the tamper to level the ground.
My Dad & Daniel helping level.  Not a fun job!
This was how the kit came... precut wood.
Isaac helping with a wall.
And Garrett working on the floor.
Done with the floor!
Putting up wall #1.
Aaron & Ike working on wall #2.
Starting on the roof.
Riddle Men.  
Working on the roof.
Paint crew!
I didn't get a picture of the shingle process.
But here is the final product!
New landscaping & ramp, compliments of Matt, Isaac, & my dad!
And Isaac helped me put up this peg board.

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