Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Jumbo wooden ruler growth chart

I saw a ruler growth chart on Pinterest and I fell in love with it.  So when Aaron went out of town last weekend & I got bored, I figured, why not?!  I definitely had the time.  Here are some pictures... 
The finished product.  :)
Except that I'm not sure where to hang it.
I got my dad to go with me to Lowes
to help pick out (and carry) the wood.
I ended up getting a 1x8x6 piece of oak wood. 
Then mom helped me sand it...
...and I stained it.
The stain I used was called Early American. 
Then I used a 90 degree tool to make the inch marks.
I used a black paint pen to make all the marks.
I made the "quarter" lines 2 inches long
and the "eighth" lines 1 inch long.
For the numbers, I used the font "Century" (size 180).
I traced the numbers with a ball point pen & it left an
indention that I was able to re-draw with my paint pen.  
Then I put a clear coat on top to protect it. 
Here is the clear coat I used.
And then I nailed a sawtooth picture hanger to the back to hang it.
Voila!  My gargantuan ruler.  :)
My ruler goes from 6" to 6'6" so I can hang it 6" above the floor.
When I told Aaron on the phone that I was making a growth chart, he was picturing a little growth chart to measure a little baby... so he was a little surprised to come home to a ruler taller than he is. Now I just can't wait to have a little kiddo to start measuring.  :)  

Oh...and not related at all, here is a picture of my first purchase for the nursery... number knobs for the dresser / changing table!  I am a sucker for anything related to letters or numbers, so I fell in love with these right away!  Aaron doesn't see the beauty in them as much as I do, but he's sweet & let me order them.  Plus, we have 9 knobs on the dresser... and they came in a pack of 9. Coincidence? Pssshhh, not a chance.  :)
Vance & Renate gave us this dresser / changing table & we love it!
And see ... 9 knobs.  :)
Now just picture these not painted red and ... aren't they fun?! 

1 project down. 500+ more to go before July.  :)


  1. I love the ruler growth chart! Such an easy and cute idea, especially if you move then you can just take that versus a whole piece of door frame :)

  2. Love this! I'm thinking about making one for my soon-to-be-born baby niece since my kids already have a cute one. Thanks for the details and pictures!

  3. That looks great! Where did you get your black paint pen?

  4. Thanks! It was one I already had but you can get them at any craft store like Michaels or Hobby Lobby.

  5. Looks awesome. Thanks for great directiond. Going to try this weekend

  6. Good job with instructions. Thank you

  7. What is the brand of paint pen you use please

  8. I used this one that worked well for me: Uchida 315-C-1 Marvy Deco Color Chisel Tip Acrylic Paint Marker, I ordered it from Amazon. Not sure what the original poster used.