Tuesday, January 31, 2012

When the Hubby's Away...

Aaron was on the Westover Men's Retreat this weekend, so I was all alone.  Which I do not love.  I can handle a few hours of alone time, but then I get really antsy and wish he was home again.  And my plan for the weekend was just to catch up on my sleeeeep.  Which did not happen.  It ended up being a very busy, but fun, weekend!  :)
On Friday, I went to dinner at my parents' house
(I realized eating alone is my least favorite part
of Aaron being gone!) and then made them go
to Lowes with me because I got in a DIY mood.
Then the next day, after cleaning the house & running errands,
I went to lunch & bowling with mom, Josh, and Aaron Lee.  :)
Josh is a pro.
Mom & Josh.
Then back to my DIY project.
And then I went to dinner downtown with Jessica!
If you've never tried Opa, do.  It's delicious.
And lastly, a movie in bed!  :)  I love sleepovers!
So that's what I do when I have no hubby.  It was a fun weekend, but it made me thankful that Aaron doesn't have a job that makes him travel a lot.  :)

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