Saturday, January 14, 2012

Old Salem

I really like Old Salem... I think it's pretty adorable.  :)  While Isaac's girlfriend Caroline was in town over Christmas break, we all went to Old Salem for dinner at the Old Salem Tavern.  It was a lot of fun and made me wish I made the trek over to Winston more often to walk around and watch the people make candles & baskets & all that fun stuff.  And look at all the pretty old houses.  
Salem Tavern... mmm
I heart Christmas decorations!
Three of my favorite men!!
My love!  xoxo
Candlelit dinner.  How romantic.  :)
Sister sister.
My lovely parents  :)
Hey Isaac & Caroline! 
Eliza-Lou & Mama-Moo  :)
Love these houses.  Lots.
Pretty  :)
Sadly, we weren't dressed in pilgrim attire.  Stacy, you would have been so disappointed!  ;)  Ha!


  1. what? no pilgrim outfits? did you at least go home and make succotash over the fire? which by the way, I will definitely be doing with my kids.

  2. No, we didn't. I know, totally lame! :)

  3. Somehow, I am just seeing this post. I love Old Salem too! Looks so nice! And Isaac in a button down - what?!?