Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas #1!

Because both of our families live in Greensboro, we end up having l.o.t.s. of Christmas celebrations.  Which can be exhausting, but very fun!  But the first Christmas we celebrated was just with the two of us.  Well, really the 3 of us, since Baby Riddle was technically there too.  :)  Because Christmas day this year was going to be so busy and starting earlier than normal, Aaron & I decided to celebrate Christmas together on December 23 with a Christmas dinner at Bravo and then opening presents at home.  
Merry Christmas! 
Aaron finally got his iPhone.
Face Time with Matt  :)
My new camera!  I love my hubbs! 

Picture taken with Aaron's iPhone
Our main Christmas gifts.  :)
Yes, I got 2 cameras because my little
point-and-shoot got stolen last summer.
We were up late playing with our new Christmas toys.  That's the joy of Christmas break though... being able to sleep in as long as we want!!  :)

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  1. Congratulations again on the lil' Riddle! So glad I ran into the other day at the store :) Happy twenty 12!