Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Telling our Family about the BABY!

When Aaron & I found out I was pregnant, it was so hard to not tell anyone... especially our families!  So we were so excited when we realized that almost all of our immediate family members would be in Greensboro over the Thanksgiving break & we could tell them all together in person.  So Aaron & I had everyone (12 people total!) over for dinner the day after Thanksgiving to announce our news!  To tell everyone, we cooked a baby-themed meal (baby back ribs, baby carrots, etc.) and had them guess the theme.  Aaron's dad won the prize (a Baby Ruth) for guessing first.  :)  It was a lot of fun and we were so thankful everyone was able to come!  We really wished Aaron and Stacy could have been here too (!!), but we were able to tell them on skype a few days later.  
Almost everyone!!  :)
Somehow we squeezed 12 people
into our dining room...   :)
Menu:  Baby back ribs

Peanuts (because we've been calling the baby "Peanut")
Grapes (because I was 8 weeks pregnant
and the baby was the size of a grape)
Baby spinach salad
Bread (we have a bun in the oven!)
And baby carrots  :)
Riddle / O'Hare clan
Eliza & my mom! 
Little Riddle is going to have so many fun aunts & uncles & grandparents to play with!  :) 


  1. i'm so glad you decide to name the baby Aaron Aaron Riddle, in honor of his father and his favorite uncle. Really too sweet of you guys!

  2. Such a fun way of sharing the exciting news! Way to be creative!!! I love the baby themed meal. So cute! We're really excited for both of you... and for your whole family!