Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Baby Names!

Aaron & I have been talking about what baby names we like for... a long time.  But we never really had names that both of us liked so I was afraid that once we actually got pregnant baby-naming would be a stressful, never ending process!  But somehow, when we found out we were pregnant, we were able to fairly quickly come up with a boy name & a girl name that both of us really like.  :)  Now we just have to find out if Little Riddle is going to be a boy or a girl...?!?!?!  
I let my 6th grade small group girls vote and
most of them voted that it's going to be a girl...

If Little Riddle is a girl, she's going to be... 
Madelyn Grace Riddle
We let our family vote... so we'll see who wins!

And if Little Riddle is a boy, he's going to be... 
Davis Jamison Riddle
Davis is Aaron's middle name and I've always loved it, 
and Jamison is my grandmother's maiden name
Most of our family thinks it's going to be a boy.
Aaron thinks it's a girl, I think it's a boy.  But really just because we're competitive and want to see who's right.  Not because we really have a reason to think it's a boy or girl... and not because either of us have a preference.  We'll both be thrilled either way!  But we're so excited to find out!  :)


  1. Hannah, remember that Grace is the name of a girl, but it is also a word that can save the whole world :).

  2. Haaaaa, I had totally forgotten about that song! So glad you reminded me! :) PS. I miss you...

  3. Looks like cousins might be sharing names one day in the future...Jamison is high on our list too.
    -stacy (not aaron, despite what the name says above)

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