Monday, June 13, 2011

Painting, painting, and more painting

OK.  So I realize you're probably wondering what I've been doing while Aaron's been doing all the manly projects like tearing down walls.  Well, I've been painting.  And painting.  And more painting.  So far I've painted the front door, the back door, the storm door, and the mailbox.  And I'm currently in the process of painting the final coats in the bathroom.  I know that doesn't really sound like a whole lot, but prepping for the painting & then waiting for the coats to dry in order to do more coats is very time consuming!
The front door was a dark green & I painted it black.
The storm door is black too (it was white) but I don't have a picture of it.
The mailbox also went from dark green to black.
I painted the back door black (it was white).  We had to leave it on the floor overnight while it was drying but luckily we didn't have any problems.  :)
Back door.
And the inside of the back door needed a fresh coat of white. 
In the bathroom, I had to putty the walls & then sand them.

And Eliza helped me paint the bathroom blue & white.
But before we could paint the walls, we had to take the sink & toilet out of the bathroom so I could paint behind them... and so we can replace the floor when I finish painting. 
This is what the bathroom looks like right now, so if you come visit you won't be able to use the bathroom!
The sink & toilet are in a guest bedroom.
Thanks to everyone (Eliza, my mom, Melissa, and Isaac) who have helped me with my painting!  

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