Saturday, June 11, 2011

The fun part... demolition!

The flooring in the old kitchen was dis.gus.ting.  In fact, pretty much the kitchen as a whole was dis.gus.ting.  So my sweet hubbs Aaron & his twin brother Matt went to work & tore everything out so we could start over.
They ripped up the old cabinets & countertop.
Aaron & Matt
And the multiple layers of nasty flooring.
The old kitchen and old dining room space were ridiculously useless & small.  So we decided to take the wall out between them & make them one room (the future dining room).  That was the fun part!  :)
Goodbye wall!
Thanks Matt!
Oh, hey there!  
Aaron, Micah, & Matt went to town on that wall
And the wall's down!!
That big mess is going to be our dining room.  Eventually!  I like it 100 times better with no wall in the middle!!  :) 

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