Sunday, June 12, 2011

Can all weekends be like this?!

Last weekend, I went to a conference at Westover with the girls in my Biblestudy.  It was a great conference (Worn Out Women) and very, very funny!  And it's always fun to hang out with these ladies. 
Kristen, Jessica, Kaitlin, me, and Abby
Such a fun time!
The best part was that when I got done, I went over to the house & found that my husband (and other wonderful people!) had been very productive all morning while I'd been having fun at my conference!  Yessss!  I got there to find that the hot water heater had been taken out of the kitchen & a new one had been installed in the crawl space.  
This is where the old hot water heater was...
...and the new one is out of the way!

Aaron's dad, Aaron's brothers, and Ray Bower also helped clear out the backyard.  The back fence was overgrown so they cleared everything off of it.  Unfortunately, it had lots of poison ivy on it so they're all itching like crazy this week!  
Clearing off the fence
Aaron, Matt, & Ray 
Marla, Jessica, & I supervised from the deck  :)
Lots of yard waste at the street 
We also went & picked up our kitchen cabinets.  They all need to be sanded & painted, so that'll be a fun job for me!   
And last, but not least, we got all the junk & debris out of the dining room & had it hauled away.   I can finally walk across the floor!
The dining room before
And the dining room after we got the junk hauled away.  

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