Monday, June 6, 2011

Good Neighbor Next Door

So I've complained a lot in earlier blogs about how l.o.n.g. of a process it was to buy our house.  About 6 months, to be exact.  But really, I shouldn't complain.  I'm actually very grateful for the process and here's why.  We bought our house through a program called Good Neighbor Next Door (GNND) for teachers (or EMTs, policemen, & firefighters).  So there's a list of foreclosed houses that qualify as GNND and the list is constantly updated.  And the great part is you can get these houses for 50% of their assessed value if you're a teacher.  And that's how we got our house.  So yes, I'm very thankful!
We started looking at these houses last spring, so it took us a while until we found a house we really loved. We looked at a few others, but they weren't really in areas that we were interested in.  For us, it was important to be centrally located and most of the other houses we looked at were a little further out or in a semi-sketchy neighborhood.  But we have friends, Ray & Jessica, who also bought a GNND house and their house is really nice & they love it, too!  So if any of you teachers out there want more info on this program, let me's legit.  :)  Oh, and just to clarify, usually they don't take months & months like ours did.  We just happened to find a house we wanted when the NC closing lawyer was fired & the whole rehiring process was just... slow.  But it was worth it... we got a great deal & a house we love!  


  1. I've never heard of such a program! Very cool.

  2. I am very interested in the GNND program. The only question I could not find an answer to, did you have to buy a home that was directly in the area that would feed into your school? Or does it just have to be nearby/in the same district? Please let me know. Thanks!