Saturday, June 11, 2011

My table!

I found a table online that I loved.   It was the perfect size for our new dining room.  It was a farmhouse style table, which I lovvve.  And it had 8 Napoleon style chairs, which I also happen to lovvve.  And it was a great price, which is important to this frugal girl who is type A about all things (just ask Aaron!), including sticking to our budget.   Perfect, right?  All I needed to do was convince Aaron that we needed it enough to drive to Columbia, SC to get it.   :)  

Luckily, I have an amazing husband who got the trailer, bungee cords, & GPS and took me to Columbia to pick up our table!   THANKS Aaron!!

Road trip! 
Miserably hot day
I think I'm gonna paint the chairs.  Not a huge green fan.
Hopefully one day this will actually look like a real dining room...??

And no, we're not planning on having 6 kids to fill all the chairs.  :)  We just hope to have lots of friends & family over to eat with us!  

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