Friday, June 17, 2011

Mission : Curb Appeal

My father-in-law, Jeff, has a green thumb & always has an amazing looking yard.  Last weekend he was generous enough to buy us a bunch of dirt & plants and come over and give our house a little curb appeal.  What a huge blessing!!  :)  I didn't really have to make any decisions...just watch it take shape!  Here are some pictures of what's been done so far:
This is what the  yard looked like before.
Before: Nothing much going on in the natural areas.
The ingredients were a pile of dirt in the backyard...
...and some flowers/plants.
Matt, Aaron, Jamie, Jeff, & the truck all had to work together to get this stump out.
This was an ordeal.
Finally got it out!
Jeff Riddle - who we have to thank for our landscaping!
Working on the front beds
This is what they look like now.   :) 
Hydrangea bush  :)
And a butterfly bush
The other bed
Hard workers
The finished product (for now at least!)   :) 
A well-deserved ice cream break!!  :) 
So grateful for my father-in-law & my pretty new flowers!  Next project = backyard  :)

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