Friday, June 17, 2011

Our families are amazing!!

Last weekend, we had lots of family stop by Harvard to help with projects & it was such a blessing!  Inside, we were able to close in a few doorways that are going to become walls, open up a new doorway to our bedroom, and take all the panelling off the master bedroom walls.  
Our living room is currently our supply room.
We took down door frames...
...and closed them up so we can drywall over them.
Aunt Lydia & Aunt Lynne (& Sara) removed the paneling in the master bedroom.
Lynne, Lydia, and Sara were hard at work! 
We took the doors & molding off
Removing more door molding... 
Jamison cut out the new doorway
There's the new door hole  :) 
Old doorway is on the left (closed up) and the new doorway is on the right.
Panelling is gone!
Thanks Duhan clan for all your help!!  And while this was going on inside, the Riddle clan was hard at work outside on the landscaping!  (More to come on that later...)  Our families truly are the best!!


  1. i can't tell you how many houses we have seen w/ paneling. people looooved paneling back then huh? :) looking good!!

  2. Can't wait to hopefully see all the progress next weekend!