Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Christmas in June!

For Christmas (2010), my great-aunt Shirley gave Aaron a stove as his gift!  We were so excited!  At that time, we thought we'd be closing any-day-now on the house and would be able to actually go pick one out in January.  However... things took a little longer than anticipated.  :)  But we were able to finally go pick out our stove a few days ago and we're so excited about it... it was like a Christmas in June and just in time for Aaron's birthday!  
Here's the stove we picked out.  :)
The inside is a fun blue color.
THANKS Aunt Shirley!  What an awesome gift... and an awesome Aunt!!  She's also periodically stopped by Harvard to bring us dinners & vegetables & just to check out our progress chaos.  :)  We're so thankful for her!

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